Sunday, October 26, 2014

Command & Mounted units of Saxe-Bearstein

Above you can see a sample of a General, his Aides de Camp and some Brigadiers.  Below you may view Saxe-Bearstein's renowned mounted troops.  (Also remember to click on images for a larger view).

Heavy Horse:

von Ursa Kuirass Regiment -- rated superior 
von Comocks Kuirass Regiment -- rated veteran 
von Goethe Kuirass Regiment -- rated veteran 
von Veltin's Kuirass Regiment -- rated ordinary

Dragoon Regiments:

Edelbrau Dragoon Regiment -- rated superior
Nachtbock Dragoon Regiment -- rated veteran
Wildschwein Dragoon Regiment -- rated veteran
Rottlager Dragoon Regiment -- rated ordinary

Light Horse (irregulars):

Heineken Hussars -- rated veteran

Coors Cossacks -- rated ordinary

To view Artillery & Infantry units of Saxe-Bearstein, click on this link.

-- Jeff

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  1. Regarding the "Command Group" photo, I should have noted that the Brigadiers on round-based standing horses are for Infantry Brigades; and those on running horses on oblongish bases are for Cavalry Brigades.

    -- Jeff